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When it Snows Tiddly Pom

When the Beast from the East dropped in for a few days.

Well alpacas are part of the Camelid family and with all this snow around they have definitely got the hump!

It’s the second day of the Beast from the East, freezing temperatures, snow, ice and the road chaos that normally accompanies such weather extremes in the UK. There is not a blade of grass in sight, just lots of fluffy white stuff and the alpacas are not impressed.

The boys begrudgingly got their toes in the white stuff to allow some house keeping and filling of the hay racks but then went straight back to bed for another duvet day. Can’t say I blame them, it’s –8 with the wind chill and even with their lovely fluffy coats, indoors does seems a sensible option.

The girls are made of sterner stuff and spent a while moseying about in the snowy sunshine yesterday

Alpaca fibre is wonderfully warm and needless to say I’ve been wearing alpaca socks, scarves and jumpers these last few days! However I have to admit Paddington Bear certainly knows a thing or two – you just can’t beat a good duffel coat in this weather!

Roll on the thaw!

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