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Enjoy a wonderful, relaxing and fun weekend!

 - we may tweak things but the premise will always be the same -

This is your time so please feel free to join in with as much or little as you wish.


4 - 5pm              Welcoming tea and cake   

5 - 6.30pm         Walking with Alpacas

                                ~ orientation walk with our lovely alpacas

7.30pm               Welcome talk and drinks

8pm                    Dinner


8am                    Morning meditation with gentle wake up yoga

9am                    Breakfast

10am                  Walking with Trees

                                ~ a meditative walk amongst Burnt Fen's                

                                beautiful trees.

11am                   Refreshments at our woodland hideaway

11.30am              Tree Study


                                  ~ mindful sketching and painting our

                                     venerable trees.

1.30pm                Lunch

                             Free Time

3.30pm                Alpaca Yoga

                                 ~ restorative Hatha Yoga with our alpacas.

5pm                     Afternoon tea with the alpacas

                             Free Time

8pm                     Dinner                   


8am                      Rise and Shine Yoga

9am                      Breakfast

10am                    Weaving Study

                                  ~ Explore working with natural fibres

                                     to expand your tree study in 3D.

1pm                     Lunch

                             Free Time 

4pm                     Wind down tea and cake

4.30pm                Departures              

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