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Nuno  Felting  Extreme

Felting into a silk and hand woven base

So this was a little task I set myself last year; to incorporate Nuno Felting into my weaving, to create a combination of textures which would be both tactile and visually pleasing. The plan – to fuse the weight and heft of a chunky hand spun weave, (alpaca of course) with the delicate wisp of alpaca fibre felted into Silk.

The inspiration for this piece were the beautiful reeds that swathe the Norfolk broads like a curtain, subtly filtering light across the water. The stunning photograph to the right completely catches this feeling. The photograph was taken by Two Rivers Artists, James Arthur, and is of Burnt Fen broad.

The weave would be the reeds, filtered and diffused by a fine covering of alpaca fibre embedded into translucent silk gauze.

Attaching this gossamer fabric to the weave proved interesting, I needed to keep the woven part of the piece dry, as I only wanted the silk and alpaca fibre to felt – not the woven piece. As you can see, some of the weft strands have been left loose to portray the reeds, whilst also helping to catch the wisps of raw alpaca fibre as they embed into the silk gauze.

Nuno felting alpaca fibre with silk creates the most wonderful light, translucent material, The fabric is surprisingly strong for something that looks and feels so delicate and looks fantastic worn as a scarf or as with this project made to hang on a wall or in front of a window to decorate a room.

Nuno Felting Workshops

These beautiful shawls were made by some of my students last year. If you are interested in learning how to Nuno felt, please visit the Nuno Felting page of the website or give me a call.

Happy Felting !    

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