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Art with Annie's Alpacas !

Enjoy a art workshop with our beautiful alpacas !

Under the encouraging eye of established artist and teacher Cora Mullenger study these intriguing and gentle creatures in an informal and fun art workshop.


Suitable for beginners or those wishing to improve their skills.

Each day will include preliminary charcoal sketches working up close in the paddocks. Then specialise in one medium to create a finished painting in either pastel, watercolour or oils.

First enjoy getting to know your subjects by taking them for a gentle walk. You will find that all our alpacas have very different characteristics and personalities!

We have around 40 alpacas so you will have plenty of choice for your artwork!

Art day walk

The day will run from 10am to 4pm and includes a delicious homemade lunch and afternoon cake - possibly with the alpacas! 

You will be working outside in the alpaca fields with the alpacas but a shelter is set up to protect from the vagaries of the UK weather.


Friday 19th May

Friday 7th July

Friday 1st September

£95 per person.

Tuition, art materials, lunch, afternoon cake and refreshments - including carrots for the alpacas!

Gift vouchers are available.

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