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ALPACA  YOGA  ~ A Creative Retreat

Friday 24th - Sunday 26th September 

We had so much fun !!!

2022 dates coming soon !


This year is fully booked, please email to be on a waiting list for our next retreat.

For more information, or to reserve your place please Contact us

We look forward to hearing from you

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Unwind in the heart of the Norfolk Broads

Enjoy Yoga, Meditation, Drawing, Weaving & Walking with Alpacas

Meditate and breathe in new energy practicing yoga in the company of our beautiful alpacas.

Learn how to really look at and draw Burnt Fen’s majestic ancient trees.

Let go and allow your natural creativity to explore the mindful art of weaving.

This weekend is suitable for all levels of experience and ability, with time for you to read, explore and rest.

You are free to participate as much or as little as you wish.

Introducing  Our Tutors

Sarah, Alex and Annie look forward to welcoming you 

Introducing Our Tutors

Sarah, Alex and Annie look forward to welcoming you to this wonderful retreat

Sarah Gawne-Cain

My name is Sarah and I will be guiding you through the yoga sessions over this Alpaca Yoga retreat.

I have been practising yoga for over 20 years and as a British Wheel of Yoga instructor I have been teaching for a decade. I have my own yoga studio in St Albans where I offer small group and one-one classes. I also teach weekly classes at a local gym, hire other venues for yoga courses and teach chair yoga to several less mobile students.

The classes will be suitable for beginners through to those who practice yoga regularly. I will incorporate asanas (poses), pranyama (breathing) and meditation in the programme which will be general Hatha yoga with some vinyasa flows as well as Iyengar style yoga. The classes on the retreat will be small, so I will be able to adapt the sessions to meet the needs and desires of those who are there.

I have taught on several retreats and I look forward to welcoming you to our special creative retreat at Burnt Fen.

Sarah @ YogaSmile

Alex Egan

Trees have been a subconscious thread throughout my work over many years; with a significant change in my outlook about 5 years ago they became very much the predominant subject matter of my practice. I am a member of The Arborealists, a group of artists whose main but not sole subject matter are trees.

Trees are beautiful living sculptures and I consider myself immensely fortunate to be able to record some of these behemoths for posterity. Most of all I enjoy the meditative state that being with the trees brings me by focusing on the complex nature of their varied structures whist attempting to portray them.

The trees at Burnt Fen are wonderful and varied and I look forward to introducing them to you. You can choose to draw and sketch them, or if you prefer just to sit amongst them in this most stunning of settings. 


Annie Nickerson

I started the Burnt Fen Alpacas herd over 20 years ago and constantly enjoy the curious, calming nature of these gentle creatures.

Over the years I have become more and more aware of the therapeutic benefit of working with and being around animals. Our Alpaca walks are extremely popular and I love seeing the magic the alpacas work as everyone slowly relaxes to their pace as they meander through the woods.

The herd also give me beautiful natural fibre and has led me to explore age old crafts to become a spinner, weaver and dyer. Connecting with tools and working with our hands to be creative gives us space from our super busy internet led life. Your interaction with the alpacas and your weaving morning will distract your mind from the day to day chatter and allow you to be present in the moment.

I look forward to introducing you to our extended four footed family!

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                                   A little glimpse of what we got up to last time !